6th August Toro-nagashi - Floating of Paper Lanterns

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Our memories in the past,
Engraved on stones,
Cast the shadow on the sand;
Destroyed are heaven and earth,
Left is a phantom of a flower.
Hara Tamiki

We wish our beautiful lanterns keep floating toward the future with our prayer for peace...

Organizers: The executive committee of Toro-nagashi
(Association of shopping mall of Hiroshima city center,
Committee of festivals of Hiroshima)

Anyone can take part in this event.
Your lantern will be floated from a boat by
the executive committee of Toro-nagashi.
Participation fee: 800 yen
(Please apply for the event at the reception
desk under the tent on the day of the event.)

You can float your own lantern by yourself.
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • at the bank of the Motoyasu River
    (in front of the A-bomb Dome)
    You can buy a paper of Lantern from 6:00am at Reception tent.

A long line will be done. You might be kept waiting at long time!

Inquiries:  The executive committee of Toro-nagashi,
                Namiki-Karu 6F,
                3-12 Mikawa-cho,
                Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, 730-0029 JAPAN
        tel: 81-82-245-1448     fax:  81-82-245-1899
For more information:
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